The Pros and Cons of Epoxy Mortar

A lot has been made of epoxy mortars over the past few years. A growing dissatisfaction with mold and mildew, and new understanding of the havoc that they can wreak on bathroom construction has led many to search for new and better alternatives to the traditional tile grouts that line many bathrooms. Additionally, a great deal of research has been done with respect to the myriad health risks that one takes by allowing mold to fester in one’s home.

So, what can be done, and is an epoxy solution the right one for your project. We’ll be using bathroom projects in the article, simply because they are one of the more common areas where you might encounter the need for epoxy mortar, but assume that this guide will help you with assessing your needs for any related project.

Let’s start with the drawbacks. Like any epoxy-related project, epoxy mortar is not going to be cheap. Even if you do it yourself, you’re looking at a substantial increase over the cost of a traditional grout. And if a contractor proposes doing it for you, you might want to think long and hard about the number that he quotes you, and you’ll almost certainly want a second opinion. These guys know exactly how hard epoxy can be to work with, and they know the intimidation factor that a lot of do-it-yourselfers encounter before delving in – they will price their services accordingly.

And don’t get me wrong, epoxy mortars are tougher to work with than traditional epoxies. They have a short pot life, and if you don’t have a cool hand, you might have some trouble leveling and smoothing your surface before the epoxy becomes difficult to work with. At this point, you start considering a “thinner” second coat, and the slope gets slippery from there on out.

Now that you’re nice and scared, are there reasons that you should consider using epoxy mortar? Of course there are! This is an epoxy blog after all… forgive us if we’re a little biased. Epoxy mortar can be an absolutely fantastic solution to the tile shower woes that you might have going on in your bathroom. It is tough as steel, and as you might expect, totally waterproof. Like any epoxy project, it is harder to accomplish and probably a little more expensive, but will pay off in the long run in terms of durability – both material and aesthetic. I’d suggest thinking twice if you are a novice, or if you are requesting quotes from contractors, but if you have moderate experience and some decent know-how, you’ll be more than happy that you chose to go with epoxy.

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  1. clayton pich January 12, 2012 at 10:50 am #

    good day. i am looking at removing slate from cement i think epoxy mortar was used. what would be my best bet for removal? any pointers would be of great help thank you

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